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​Jingle Belle was born Christmas Day and was always a special little girl. We lost her to ulcers June 2009. She was never diagnosed with ulcers.  I had her tested and evaluated by 2 vets and no one ever thought she fit the profile.   She  had been free for 8 months. She had colic symptoms and it was thought she had a blockage, ended up at Purdue that afternoon. When they opened her up, she had 2 ulcers that had perforated in her small intestine. No option at that point but to let her go.  She was only 2 1/2 years old.  
Never ignore your gut feelings.  I felt she had ulcers but followed the vets recommendations and regret it to this day. 
Lori Benge

Jingle Belle
   12/25/2006 - 6/16/2009