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My beautiful kind hearted little man. He taught me so much and inspired us to try something different. I saw him advertised in a big horse group last year. He needed a home and I was enamored with him. We traveled two hours and when we got there, he looked NOTHING like his pictures. This horse was starved and all hip bone and ribs. We were shocked! I asked what his name was and the lady, holding her newborn while smoking said he "Didn't have a name". I asked if her gazillion kids called him anything and when she asked they shrugged and ran off to terrorize the chickens. I was appalled and asked how much they wanted and we gave them $200 for an emaciated 22 year old stallion. I couldn't leave him there! When we were leaving they handed us his "papers" whatever that meant. I didn't really care if he was registered, it's not why we saved him. When we got home we started researching his breeders and while digging around on the internet found this entire new Miniature Horse World and he had come from, at the time one of the top breeders of the world! It was fascinating and I was reaching out to a local club to find out more. We slowly got his weight back on and he looked amazing! Soon we were going to shows and turning it into a big family event. I fell in love with his glamour shots taken in the year 2000 and knew I wanted to do Equine Photography. We decided to try showing and see what it was about. Echo is my first horse. I took riding lessons and cleaned stalls from when I was little to my late teens, but there is something different about having your very own horse. I learned how to lunge, I learned how to teach ground manners, l learned that he already knew all that jazz, but he patiently amused me! He taught me how to bodyclip and totally appreciate his stoic nature. I questioned my hairdressing skills trying to lighten his cream tail. I learned the show world and how complicated hat rules are and that my unicorn belt buckle wasn't an acceptable buckle for the western show world. I mean, I think it's cool, but whatever. We walked into our first show and he went from lazy old man to studly stallion, pouncing and showing off for the ladies. I was so proud of him, and so excited to find something fun to do here. I've been here for 4 years and still haven't found my way, but here we are exploring a new world and meeting new friends. All because of Echo. Our herd has grown from one little mini, and everyone has thier own unique personalities. I thought his was exceptional. He was wise, kind, and so friendly, even with Riley. So yeah. If you stayed this far, thanks. I'm heartbroken. I wish I took his glamour shots. I kept thinking I had time. 
Little Kings Echo Apparition 3/31/1996 - 8/15/2019
Kristin Wood
Little Kings Echo Apparition