Cammy Blackwell  
Lori Benge 317-289-4284

By Laws
Joyse Banister

Showbills for IMEC Club shows 
Greg Doyle   317-357-9044

AMHR Show "Hoosier Spring Fling"

Lori Benge Show Manager & Secretary 317-289-4284

Jennifer Tomey 
 Obstacle/Jump course design 
Steward Witness 317-281-4511

Joyse Banister  317-727-5153

IMEC Club Show Coordinator
Jennifer Tomey 317-281-4511

Year End Awards
Steve Doyle 317-791-9027
Joyse Banister 317-727-5153

Members are welcome to join any of the listed committees by contacting the chairperson listed.
2017 Officers
President-Joyse  Banister
Vice President-Lori Benge
Secretary-Cammy Doyle
Treasurer-Brookanna Pickett

Board of Directors
Greg Doyle
Steve Doyle
Mary Bowen